Typefaces convey information but they also subtly stir our emotions. At PLTY, we put a playful Scandinavian spin on the world of typography. We hope to open your eyes to the beauty of the craft and to subtly stir you to start a conversation.


We are an international design company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our city is the port to the three Scandinavian kingdoms and is thus influenced by both Nordic and international culture. We were founded more than 20 years ago by a group of experimenting just-out-of-school designers. Today, our products reach shops in more than 20 countries on 4 continents, but we’re still shaped by our roots: we believe that contemporary design is best imagined by open-minded and playful design.

We have two basic aspirations. The first is to honour the craftsmanship of typography. To achieve this, we ask for the ideas, dreams and ambitions of the best designers and artists in our region, and we ask them to challenge us. That’s no small order, and from time to time the results fall flat — which is just fine. Because without room for failure, we would never achieve the next great design that puts a new spin on the world of typography.

Our second aspiration is to touch the minds and hearts of our customers. Letters and words not only convey information; they can also stir our emotions in the most subtle, intricate ways: just like beauty can. That’s why great designers can play with letters and elicit smiles, afterthoughts, surprises, arguments, you name it. This is exactly what we strive for: we want to create real conversation pieces, to say something out of the ordinary, to touch people.