Introducing - Yves Klein blue G

We’ve combined our classic and timeless G, with the beautiful blue colour series from artist Yves Klein, who became world-renowned after creating his blue colour series back in the late 1950s.

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Poster collection 2018

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POSTER Essentials

Our posters are a tribute to the world of typography and to typography’s importance for people – regardless of whether the poster is classic or playful.

Most of the posters are part of a series, reinforcing the visual look and narrative.
However, each poster works just as well on its own. Or try mixing and matching them to create your own unique poster wall.

PLTY only uses paper from Munken, one of the oldest paper manufacturers in Scandinavia. We use their LYNX series in a 150 and 170 g quality with a rough structure. It is made solely from premium wood, giving it a natural white glow.

MUG Essentials

Our hand-glazed porcelain mugs are made from high-quality bone china.

The result is a thin yet strong mug in a bright and warm shade of white with a translucent quality. You even hear the perfection – tap them gently and they’ll produce a clear sound.

The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and designed to stay beautiful. And we like to keep things sustainable. To minimize transport time to our shop and warehouse, our mugs are printed in the EU.

They come in individually printed cardboard boxes made from recycled paper. Our mugs are 8 cm in diameter and come with imprinted characters and words; mix and match them anyway you like

Mug Collection 2018

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